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The Brand has been developed from a love of the outdoors and in response to the Norwegian concept of Friluftsliv, which translates as “free air life”. The concept encourages a strong relationship with nature and calls on the importance of spending time outdoors; wether that be a hike, bike ride or even a stroll through the woods with the dog.


In busy everyday lives, we believe that is it crucial for people to enjoy the outdoors and re-wild back to nature.


Graphic textiles and print designs aim to create a bold and fresh look for the adventurous. 

Colours have been inspired from bright outdoor equipment and apparel, taking note especially of them against natural tones of the landscape.


Where possible fabrics are reclaimed using end of rolls and remnant pieces. All off cuts are then produced into further products or used within workshops to minimise fabric waste. 

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“That longing sense to get lost and go in search of adventure that never leaves, a constant
desire to get off grid, wander, travel to connect with people and nature.”



(Anon, Huck

Journal, 2016)

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Friluftsliv (pronounced free-loofts-liv), translates as "Free Air life" and was popularised in the 1850s by Norwegian Poet and Playwright Henrik Ibsen who used the term to value the time spent in remote locations.

It is more than just a concept, it is a lifestyle and encourages people to engage physically with the outdoors, creating a two way relationship with the natural environment.

“It is a term in Norway that is used often to describe a way of life that is spent exploring and appreciating nature,” Anna Stoltenberg, culture coordinator for Sons of Norway.